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Arizona, a state fending for itself.

For weeks now our country has been in an uproar about the new Arizona law enacted to secure the border. In recent weeks, those in opposition say that the law will lead to racial profiling and discrimination. Those who support the bill say that it was enacted solely to require an individual to provide proof of citizenship when arrested or law enforcement has probable suspicion.

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona knew that she must protect the best interest of her citizens. Hopefully this is what any Governor would do. Sadly, for years there have been illegal aliens flocking through the porous border into the states. It is clear that after months of unwarranted violence and clear drug trafficking something had to be done. Governor Brewer expressed that her decision was not made lightly. She also made it clear that she did not support racial profiling. She, herself pushed for amendments of the bill to better protect the civil rights of her citizens and those who are legally visiting the country.

My problem with this entire issue lies with those who scream “boycott,” or even verbally slam the Governor or the state for protecting its citizens. My first thought when I heard that something was being done in Arizona to protect it’s people was, “good for Governor Brewer.” The second thing I thought, after I listened to several news sources was, “I hope this doesn’t lead to racial profiling,” (Which I sadly know still exists). Unlike most people however, I decided to read the bill myself, to do a little research, and to form my own opinion.

After reading the bill I realized that not only does the law support those aliens who are here legally, but it insists that only checks can be made when probable suspicion is present. Governor Brewer understands the role of cultural diversity in Arizona. Being a border state, it thrives on the diversity and understands its role in America today.

I want to make it clear that in no way do I support racial profiling or discrimination. What I do support is the effort of a concerned Governor to protect her people. Immigration has been a rising concern in our country over the last decade. Sadly, we have not seen our leadership in Washington expressing any concern or interest in handling the issue. This lack of interest and support obviously left Governor Brewer with no other choice.

My problem also lies with our current President and administration. I find it very hard to support someone who is willing to openly oppose and bash something that they, themselves are unwilling to do. For the entire longevity of term of the current administration, the only concern has been ramming through unpopular health care legislation through that he refuses to support the efforts of border security. If the President was willing to focus even a little of his attention on helping the situation instead of opposing any and every effort made by those who are attempting to alleviate the problem, then we might see change.

In conclusion, the point is simple. Mr. President, do your job and secure our border!

With America’s best interest at heart,

Kyle B. Smithwick

Below I have listed several articles of interest related to the growing need for border security.

Murder suspect likely illegal alien:
Salvadorian children rescued from Phoenix smuggling ring:
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