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For the sake of America,

There has been something really worrying me lately. I really am not sure how to fix it, or where to even start. However, for the sake of our country it is dire that we try! Our country was founded on convicting principles and ideologies, and today that is what keeps our country’s wheels turning and what keeps this great union the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately in the past two to three years I have seen Americans blindly supporting certain policies and ideas. Americans need to understand that a person cannot change the country based on positive energy, enthusiasm, or popularity. The only leaders in our nations history that have made any significant impact for the better did so only by legitmate policies and decisions.

Regardless of your political affiliation or how you voted in 2008, it is an undeniable truth that there are people on both sides of the isle that unthinkingly devote themselves to the ideas and policies of political activists and figures without knowing anything about those same policies they are supporting.

As Americans, we are given the right to vote. However, with that right I feel we too are also given the obligation to know for what we are voting. America was founded on principles set forth by men and women who knew what they wanted. Things were not taken for granted. Sadly, today we see people driving around with bumper stickers for this person or that person. We see people wearing t-shirts with candidates faces or slogans. The majority of the time, if you asked these people what they like about the candidates they could not answer the question. This is what is wrong with America! Everyday people are taking for granted the fact that these people that they are supporting are actually the ones leading our country and making all the decisions. This has to end. For the sake of America, if you are going to vote or even cast your support in one direction or the other, please know why you are doing so.

With America’s best interest at heart,


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