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A huge day in history… NOT!

History is being made before our eyes. For the first time in our nation’s history a sitting President is appearing on daytime television. As most of us recently discovered, today our President will be appearing on ABC’s The View. The ladies of The View have the pleasure of sitting down with the President and asking him all the questions that America wants to hear. What a great chance for him to speak to the American public, or is it?

With our world in disarray and our nation grumbling over numerous issues, the President has decided it best to appear on a daytime talk show. The idea that he could discuss policy issues or national security issues is almost laughable. Many wonder why we have not seen a President appear on a daytime talk show before; it’s simple. The fact is that past Presidents realized they had more important things to do than to try and squeeze into a short interview typical topics discussed on the show like family and probably life in the White House.

I have an overwhelming sense that the President, along with most of his supporters, more and more considers himself a celebrity. This could not be farther from the truth. The office of the President of the United States of America was designed to do one thing and that is to serve as the head executive of our nation. With the job, which he so willfully accepted, he should also accept the duties of the office humbly and respectfully.

Mr. President, I urge you to do your job. We have an annually growing debt and deficit. We have men and women sacrificing everything to protect their country. Our borders have yet to be secured. We have an entire body of water covered in oil, resulting in numerous industries out of work, and yet you find time to vacation all over the world. You find time to golf, travel to Hawaii, go to basketball games, and host dinner parties. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised that stopping by for a quick chat on The View would come next.

With 96 days until the mid-term elections, the President has a choice to make. If he continues down the road that he is currently on change is coming to Washington-big change! It is ultimately his choice. However, with the precedent that he has set my expectations are not very high, but for the sake of our country please get back to work.

With America’s best interest at heart,


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