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A Tough but Necessary Battle

January 26, 2012 Leave a comment

My dearest readers, all three of you, this post is for you.

I haven’t written in a while, and its not because I haven’t wanted to. Who has the time? But the GOP presidential primary is on everyone’s radar and there are some things that are really on my mind. First, those who are concerned that the GOP is facing a serious divide because of the rough and tumble fight between our 4 contenders right now must have a short-term memory. Maybe we should remember the purpose of a primary. In 2008 we all remember how John McCain slid to an easy victory after just a few short primary contests, and we see how that went.

After the SC primary, now heading into FL, it seems to most that the GOP primary battle is going to get rough – it should. We need a nominee who is ready for a tough fight. We need a nominee who has been thoroughly vetted and has no stone unturned. Not only will the GOP candidate be facing a Democratic machine with a billion dollar war chest, yes billion with a B, but a ruthless Obama re-election campaign. Our candidates should and will sharpen each others message. Through this process they will help one another prepare for the general election. To those who are concerned that we will have a nominee that isn’t liked by all – welcome to politics. Yes, they all have flaws. But, at the end of the day we must recognize that the candidate that is nominated will need our full support. He will not have an easy battle to the White House. But, it is a battle that MUST be won.

With that, I encourage you now to support your favorite candidate to the fullest of your capabilities, and in the general election we must rally. We must rally behind whomever the party nominates, and we must rally against, as one unified voice, the Obama machine that cannot be allowed another term of destruction.


With a conservative heart,